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“Hello Christine - 

You've been in such great, consistent communication with me since we arrived in February. Let me also take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for us. You have been so kind and so thoughtful. You have also bent every branch and adapted every process to accommodate us - we sincerely appreciate you!  And, please share our appreciation with the rest of the "team" at the Gables. Every person we have encountered is so kind and caring.
Again, thank you Christine - you have made this frightening, chaotic time in my life manageable and comforting."

- Arlene, Guest at Gables during the fire evacuations


"Dear Carol, David, Christine, and all the wonderful Gables Staff:

Thanks so much for all the assistance and cooperation that went into making Mom's Milestone Birthday such a memorable experience for us all. I am particularly grateful for the almost continual use of the Clubhouse to accommodate celebrations for the 18 family members over the weekend. Mom, who so deserves to be honored, was then able to be with her family with the least amount of physical difficulty.

Please also extend my gratitude to Salvador for the beautiful birthday cake bedecked with real flowers. There were four generations involved and the next generation was so entranced with the Gables that they're ready to sign up.

Thank You All!"

Karen A. Roth, Family Member

"I don't care about the beautiful grounds. I don't care about how dialed in the staff are. I don't care about how friendly the residents are to the new people. I don't care about how organized and well managed this place is. I don't care about the activities, programs, and the excellent kitchen. I only care about my mother's happiness, and since we brought her here the transformation is nothing short of what our prayers have plead for. I could write pages about the Gables! So grateful."

-Kenyon, Family Member

"I have lived here at the Gables of Ojai for 8 years. My decision to come here was based on several things: the beauty of the facility, both grounds and buildings, its unique history, and the atmosphere of warmth and acceptance I felt from administration and staff. The food here is excellent! Living here has given me freedom from housekeeping, laundry, yard upkeep and food preparation. I'm free to travel and to be involved with local volunteer organizations or to relax and enjoy the activities available on site. I have privacy when I need it and resident interaction when I want it. I have made many nice friends here and feel a part of an extended family."

  - Dorothea Phelan, Resident

"It was one of the hardest decisions of our lives to move our dear Mother away from her home of 50 years in Palo Alto to Ojai and the Gables. Dad passed away 10 years before, and the house and yard were getting to be too much. She had taken some falls, could no longer drive, and we were not close enough to her. We three grown children looked in our areas and I was elated to tour the Gables and see the roses, the lawns, gardens, and the many activities available. An apartment near the pool, with light streaming in from every window opened and there was even a little space to plant her geraniums, set her orchids and plant new roses - We took it! Mom spent 6 years at the Gables until she needed more care and it was a gift that she could move to a private room right across the street to the Gardens. The same wonderful caregivers, amazing meals, the warm dining area, and the activities she loved would continue at the Gardens. In all of Mom's 10 years at the Gables then the Gardens, she was given abundant kindness, care and attention. The activity directors as well as caregivers, gardeners, cooks, and all the staff were like family in many ways. In their caring hearts, they were family. There are some things in life that we can't repay, but can continue to be grateful for and know them as blessings. This is how our family, and I speak for all of us, feels about our Mother's years at the Gables."

- Susan Florence, Family Member

"I wish I had moved my parents into the Gables years earlier. When it came to transitions, the guidance we received was very helpful and made the move to assisted living smooth and enjoyable. My mother loves her caregivers and thinks of them as family. She has made the best friendships here at the Gables. Now I don't worry when I leave."

- Nina Toumanoff, Family Member

"I live 3,000 miles away from my Mother but I feel like she lives right next door because she lives at the Gables, a place she and I both think of as home in every way - five stars!"

- Lynn Taylor, Family Member

"Put simply, the Gables has a great vibe and worked out nicely for my Mom. She'd been living alone, slipping into isolation, when she finally decided to make the move. Although rather shy, she quickly made new friends and even found a Scrabble partner. The staff was not only courteous and efficient, but genuinely warm and loving. It was a great relief knowing she was in such capable hands. And after several years, when she was in need of assisted living, it was a smooth transition to the Gardens just across the street. I cannot offer higher praise."

- Rob Ryder, Family Member

"After 57 years of living in one place, I never thought I would feel settled again. Because of all the warm and caring people at the Gables, I feel at home. All of my needs are met even before I can think of them!"

- Jean, Resident

"When my Father searched for a place for he and my Mother to live, he found the Gables. It was one of the best decisions of his life. The loving care the Gables gave my Mother at the Gardens was beyond compare. My Father lived at the Cottages for many happy and fun years until the Gardens gave him the tender care he needed. From the management team through to the nursing and caring staff members, everyone was family. It is a wonderful place to grow young."

- Peggy Melton, Family Member

"Both my Aunt and my Great Aunt lived at the Gables so I have been enjoying visiting for over 30 years. What a great place for them to live; they loved their Gables home! They enjoyed great food, friendly neighbors and staff, many activities and all the care they needed as they got older. Hopefully I will get to live at the Gables someday!

- Linda Wilson, Family Member

"What you and your colleagues are operating at the Gables is nothing short of a marvel, and should be the gold standard for all other care facilities. I have no hesitation in saying that finding Gables, and moving my loved ones in, saved their lives. Then I think of your wonderful staff and residents, the great food (I tell everyone it's the best food in Ojai), the list goes on, and on. We appreciate you all just as much. Thank you,"

- Rakesh Menon, Family Member

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